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Welcome to ALL USB

All USB is your one stop source for USB and flash memory information. Here you will discover the history of the Universal Serial Bus (USB), how it works and insight into its latest technological developments.This site covers USB technical components, such as the role of boards, chips and controllers. All USB examines storage sizes from 16 megabytes to 256 gigabytes as well as products and accessories such as lanyards and key rings.

Find out how a number of consumer applications including personal data and archival purposes incorporate USB technology. We'll tell you how a USB thumb drive can be transformed from a basic memory stick to a custom shaped or custom print work of art, along with the services that help to make it happen. To further your knowledge of this storage medium, we also provide links to USB related sites and flash memory resources.


USB Resources

USB FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about USB
PremiumUSB - Made-to-order custom USB drives
USB Implementers Forum - Governing body behind USB standards


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Death By Data: The USB That Could Kill Your PC

[September 15, 2016]

Do you know where your USB has been? You may want to think twice about plugging in a USB whose origins you can’t account for: A company in Hong Kong has developed a USB drive that can fry your computer!

It’s the ultimate Trojan horse for hackers and vandals. On the outside, the USB Kill 2.0 looks like any other USB device. Once it gets inserted into a USB port, it’s true nature is quickly revealed. It collects power from the USB power lines, absorbing energy from 5V and 1-3A lines, until it reaches ~240V…

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