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A USB printer is a special type of printer designed for printing logos and artwork directly onto the body or casing of a USB flash drive. Flash drive printers are mainly used for USB duplication purposes where frequent, multiple volumes of custom drives are needed for business, personal or marketing applications.

USB Drive PrinterA USB printer also functions as a USB device that is connected to the host computer. These printers employ high resolution print heads at approximately 400 dpi. Dye sublimation is a common USB drive printing technique.

This process works by transferring the ink from the equipment’s plates to the body’s case surface layer by layer (ink color by ink color). The dye sublimation enables bleed free, ultra violet resistant results that help to prolong and maintain the flash drive’s artwork.

A dye sub USB printer will need two sets of transfer ribbons for every black ribbon as well as cartridges specific to that kind of re-transfer printing. This type of set will carry a user through approximately 4,000 prints. Companies such as TEAC and Aleratec are primary manufacturers of equipment that can print two to six drives at a time, taking less than a minute to print each set.

Many of the USB printers available on the market utilize the same concept as disc printers and are in fact disc printers adapted to print on USB drives through the use of an alternate printer tray and specified printer settings. There is no source drive on a USB printer. Instead, a user is supplied with labeling software. This software for the host computer communicates the information from the print commands via the USB device connection.

USB Printer Sharing E-mail

Rather than transport all of your files and printable projects to the sole computer that’s connected to your only printer, you can streamline the process by implementing USB printer sharing in your home or office. In this instance, every computer within a local network will conveniently connect to the same designated printer, no matter where each computer is located.

USB printer sharing is possible for PCs, Macs and even networks that use a combination of both. In each case, it is possible to use your existing printer so you can avoid the expense of purchasing a new one, so long as it can connect to the computer via a USB cable. Proper, up-to-date drivers also play an important role in a successful sharing connection.