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USB devices may function as computer peripherals, but flash memory has some peripherals of its own with USB gadgets. These gadgets consist of everyday items ranging from functional and useful to zany and irreverent, each powered by a USB connection. Whether it’s a device, hub or adapter, we’ll show you a wide variety of these gadgets to demonstrate how they can maximize your overall USB experience.

USB Player E-mail

USB PlayerA multitasking USB gadget that leaves your computer free for other tasks. Play FM, MP3 or Internet radio on this 2.0 device. It supports several languages and audio codecs.

USB Ferris Wheel E-mail

USB Ferris WheelCarnival fun without ever leaving your desk. A plug-and-play Ferris wheel small enough to fit on your desktop gives you a reason to work as it spins every time you type on the host computer’s keyboard.

USB Christmas Lights E-mail

USB Christmas LightsBright lights for Christmas cheer, minus the fire hazard. These office-safe string of 18 lights on a six foot wire is USB powered and built to last for many holiday seasons to come.

USB Vacuum Cleaner E-mail

USB VacuumA tidy technology that operates from a USB port. It makes for a simple and convenient way to eliminate crumbs, dirt and dust from the impossibly small crevices that make up your workspace.

USB Cassette Deck E-mail

USB Cassette DeckRestore the old-school sounds of your cassettes by transferring your beloved tunes to MP3 files with a USB connection. Additional drivers are not required.


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