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USB devices may function as computer peripherals, but flash memory has some peripherals of its own with USB gadgets. These gadgets consist of everyday items ranging from functional and useful to zany and irreverent, each powered by a USB connection. Whether it’s a device, hub or adapter, we’ll show you a wide variety of these gadgets to demonstrate how they can maximize your overall USB experience.

USB Tanning E-mail

USB TanningBeing stuck inside at your desk doesn’t mean that you can’t catch a few UV rays. Simply plug this desktop tanning center into your USB port and attach the units to the monitor. Light to dark settings are available to achieve the kind of baked glow you seek.

USB Air Purifier E-mail

USB Air PurifierSo discreet, you’d think it was just a flash drive. This thumb-sized gadget plugs into your USB port and uses a carbon filter system to clean the air around you of dust, smoke and other pollutants. Its negative ion release claims to boost your energy.

USB Wrist Heating Cushion E-mail

USB Heating CushionRelieve one of the aches that come with hours of computer use with a unique device that works from your USB port. This heated wrist cushion rests directly under your keyboard complete with a novelty design for comfort and support.

USB Message Pad E-mail

USB Message PadReduce your carbon footprint with desk memos that stand out. Plug this palm-sized dry erase pad in a three port hub. You have the option of writing to your mood with the choice of three background colors.

USB Paper Shredder E-mail

USB Paper ShredderPrivate Post-its, receipts and other scraps of paper scrawled with sensitive information can be shredded into obscurity from the comfort of your computer with this pint-sized paper shredder. Powered by a USB and AA batteries, it can handle strips of paper just under five inches wide.


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