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Founded in 1988 by Peter Shu, Transcend Information is a company that has created more than 2,000 various memory modules over the last two decades. With headquarters in Taiwan, the company operates globally with additional offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Transcend InformationTranscend’s products are comprised of USB flash drives, hard drives, solid-state drives, MP3 players and other multimedia devices. The company is responsible for every aspect of its products—from design concepts, production, sales, marketing and customer support.

Since the beginning, Transcend has been a leader in its industry. In 1989, it created memory for laser printers. Just one year later, Transcend was already expanding to the United States. In 1997, the company received the ISO-9001 certification and launched camera memory. The year 2000 brought about Transcend’s online retail store. The company introduced storage devices in 2003. By 2009 it was recognized as a top Taiwanese global business with the brand valued at approximately $212 million USD.

Transcend maintains its pace industry growth by offering USB 3.0 products like hard drives, ExpressCards and Expansion cards. The company’s memory products are also created with the Mac user in mind. Storage products including memory modules, flash drives and other devices are compatible with Mac computers and notebooks.

Customized for user’s specific demands, Transcend has four major series of USB flash drives:  Hi-Speed, V, T and Security series. The Hi-Speed drives are featured in an array of colors and shapes. Their primary focus is efficient data transfer rates for consumers using performance driven applications.

The V Series is a budget friendly series with great storage capacities while the T Series is made for its backup reliability to replace old optical media archives. Transcend Security flash drives provide comprehensive data protection with AES hardware encryption.

Transcend flash drives can also be equipped with custom features like online data recovery, management software, a USB browser app, biometric fingerprint security technology and more.

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