PQI Company Profile

Power Quotient International, known by its abbreviated version PQI, leads the memory module market as one of the largest manufacturers of its kind. The company started with making memory modules and quickly grew to add other technology products to its line. PQI was founded in 1997 by Jance Lu and its current chairman and CFO is T.C. Gou.

PQI LogoToday PQI manufactures USB flash drives, DiskOnModule, SSD, HDD, flash cards, DRAM modules, multimedia players and more. The company has a worldwide sales network through Asia, North America and Europe from its subsidiary companies.

PQI has created several different series of USB flash drives designed to appeal to a variety of needs and applications. The Intelligent Drive series is known for its novelty and unique casings. The materials used range from metal to rubber to leather. The manner in which you access the Intelligent series USB connectors includes via spring-out or swivel designs.

The Cool Drive and Traveling Disk series of PQI are simpler in design yet still slick in appearance. The primary focus of these USB sticks is performance: speed, management software, rugged design.

With 84 million USD in capital and headquartered in Taiwan, the memory maker employs more than 900 people.

Contact Information:
PQI: http://www.pqigroup.com
Tel : (510) 651-7281
Fax : (510) 651-7240