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Patriot Memory Company Profile

Patriot Memory manufactures and distributes memory products that include modules and flash memory. It began in 1985 as a small Californian computer company and became an industry player in Silicon Valley. To this day, manufacturing is still handled in California, but Patriot also has a facility for operations in Taiwan. It is represented globally through a number of resellers and distributors online and in stores.

Patriot MemoryIn addition to memory modules, Patriot specializes in flash memory cards, USB flash drives, SSDs as well as various peripherals like media players, cooling solutions, storage and add-on cards. The company has two main lines of memory modules. The Signature Line provides standard industry modules for various systems. The Extreme Performance line is targeted to users who demand little to zero lag time due to heavy use. Gamers and professionals who rely on a lot of DRAM would utilize Extreme Performance.

The storage capacities of Patriot’s flash drive reach up to 128GB. The casings of the drives greatly vary in material and shape. Patriot Memory carries rectangular USBs, drives with rounded edges, as well as limited edition custom shaped drives with a holiday theme.

Patriot maintains industry standards for its products by partnering with industry leaders whose expertise lies in chips, motherboards and other embedded technology. The company is a member of JEDEC, a leading standards developer for flash products.

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Patriot: http://www.patriotmemory.com/
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Toll Free:  (800) 800-9600