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Mushkin Enhanced Company Profile

Mushkin Enhanced is a manufacturer and ecommerce distributor of memory modules for computers. USB flash drives, solid state drives, power supplies as well as desktop, performance, notebook and Apple memory modules are among Mushkin’s product offerings.

Mushkin LogoThe company began in Denver, Colorado in 1994. While it is still headquartered in Colorado, the company’s location has since moved to Englewood to allow for production expansion. Mushkin also has an Asian Pacific headquarters in Malaysia. In 2004, Mushkin became a subsidiary of Ramtron after a merger in 2000. The current president of the company is George Stathokis.

The company’s initial focus consisted of memory modules for Apple products. However, Mushkin memory has grown to become a favorite for PC users, especially in terms of overclocking which is a process that aims to boost performance of computers beyond manufacturer specifications.

Mushkin memory products are for both the average user as well as the knowledgeable computer enthusiast. The customer base of Mushkin varies greatly and includes everyone from local businesses and gamers to more prominent clients like Apple and NASA.

There are separate RAM series depending on the type of user. The Essentials series consists of standard memory modules. More advanced computer users will use Performance Enhanced memory from the Redline, Blackline, Silverline and Proline series.

Mushkin Enhanced flash drives are sold not only through the company but also through major online electronics retailers. The storage capacities of the flash drives range between 2GB and 32GB. They are primarily utilitarian, as their standard appearance is not eye-catching but simply rectangular in nature. Mushkin flash drives are renowned for their performance ability to render speedy read and write transfers.

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Mushkin: http://www.mushkin.com/
Tel: +1 (800) 569-1868