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Micron Technology makes and markets memory chips worldwide and is known as the only DRAM manufacturer stateside. Its semiconductor products of DRAM, NAND, NOR products are used in USB storage devices, computers, memory cards, phones, portable audio players and more. The parts are used primarily by its subsidiaries Lexar and Crucial, as well as other original equipment manufacturers and retailers. Micron partners with influential industry players like Intel, Nanya, HP, Photronics, Canon and more.

Micron LogoThe corporation was established in 1978. Its headquarters is in Idaho. The company has approximately 15,000 employees and $4.8 billion in annual revenue. Lexar and Crucial allow Micron to manufacture products from start to finish. The company recently acquired Numonyx for more than $1 billion.

In 1988, Micron debuted 256K video RAM and fast static RAM. In 1991, the company began to focus its efforts on 4 megabit DRAM. The year 1997 brought Micron one of the United States’ first ISO 14001 certifications, which is a framework intended to reduce the harmful environmental impact of a business. The following year, Micron purchased Texas Instruments memory business while Intel invested $1 billion for Micron’s research and development.

In 2001, ties to the Internet side of the business were cut. Micron also acquired Toshiba DRAM business that year. In 2002, the U.S. Department of Justice investigated DRAM manufacturers including Micron for price inflation that was blamed for hurting the market. Micron, along with four other companies pleaded guilty. Micron did not have to pay for a fine because of its assistance to authorities.

The company launched a CMOS image sensor division in 2008. Over the next two years Micron developed and continues in its efforts to create multi level cell technology (MLC) for higher performance, lower energy products.

Micron’s Lexar USB flash drives are seen everywhere online and at major retailers. They come in slight variations of the standard rectangular shape. Depending on the style of the drive, Lexar offers retractable or rotating designs, as well as specifications including military-grade, tamper-proof or encryption features.

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