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LaCie is a distinguished global company that designs, builds and sells storage peripherals.  Their product offerings include: USB hard drives, optical media drives, USB flash drives, monitors and device accessories.  LaCie also provides software and online storage.

LaCie LogoKnown for merging technology with art, LaCie has partnered with renowned designers.  These artists include Philippe Starck, Ziba, Porsche, Ora-Ito and Karim Rashid.  Scottish designer Neil Poulton is responsible for many of LaCie’s designs including the d2 product line.

LaCie has a unique history in that it began as two separate computer storage companies from two different continents.  LaCie Ltd was established in 1987 in Oregon by Joel, Robert and Tudy Kamerman and Roger Bates.  The company, électronique d2, was founded in 1989 in France by Pierre Fournier and Philippe Spruch.  They assembled and sold peripheral devices.

LaCie became a subsidiary of Quantum in 1990 and in 1995 was acquired by d2 to better position themselves for North American sales.  In 1998, d2 replaced its name with LaCie to help establish a worldwide brand.  The company introduced the first 500 GB external hard drive in 2003 and the first 1 TB hard drive the following year.

The storage peripheral leader has been a pioneer in the aesthetics of computer technology, as the French company’s original type of customer was also an Apple customer, who tended to be in an artistic profession.  With cutting edge flair, LaCie has taken what had been standard square boxes to house hard drives and other equipment and transformed them into curvy, sleek, ergonomically friendly designs.  Some of LaCie’s creations even have a permanent place in the Centre Georges Pompidou museum in Paris.

LaCie’s flash drives are referred to as USB keys and they generally range in a storage capacity between 2 GB and 64 GB.  They are marked by playful, innovative, yet functional designs—coins, keys, cards, as well as thumbnail sized flash drives.  The company also offers one with a rugged full metal casing that withstands water, temperature, weight and other elements of shock.

The latest reported revenue for LaCie was more than 300 million Euros, with a gross profit of more than 46 million Euros.  The company has offices spread across the world in 15 different countries.

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