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Aleratec Company Profile

Aleratec—headquartered in Chatsworth, California—creates and manufactures USB and optical media duplication, recording and publishing equipment. The company was established in  2000 as Alera Technologies Inc. before the name was shortened.

Aleratec LogoAleratec’s products are geared towards “prosumers”, professional consumers who have a higher level of expertise than the average customer and use the product for hobby or work related purposes. USB duplicators are often used in the government, education and non-profit sectors as well. The company initially developed CD recording equipment and has since expanded to adapt to the demands associated with new technology, like USB flash drives.

Aleratec features a line of USB duplicators that can copy to multiple drives at once. These duplicators are capable of copying data like pictures, documents and MP3 files at average rates of 33MB/s. The smallest Aleratec flash drive duplicator uses 11 ports at once while the largest copies 118 flash drives at a time. The company also provides an outlet store in which it will sell refurbished USB duplicators and optical media equipment for a fraction of the original price.

Contact Information:
Aleratec: http://www.aleratec.com/
Phone: 1-818-678-6900
Toll Free: 1-866-88-ALERATEC