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Our industry section compiles a comprehensive list of USB related resources. Explore manufacturers of USB technology, flash drives, equipment, packaging and other products. Additionally, All USB provides detailed information about each industry leader’s role in the flash memory technology field.


Flash Memory and USB Drive Manufacturers

The companies and corporations in this section create the technology and products that make USB and flash memory technology possible.

  • A-Data - Established in 2001, A-Data is an award-winning Taiwanese manufacturer of USB flash drives and other memory solutions. The company is known as the second largest global flash distributor.

  • Aleratec - This California-based company creates and manufactures USB and optical media duplication, recording and publishing equipment.

  • Corsair – Developer of memory products like USB flash drives, solid-state drives, DRAM modules and more. Headquartered in California with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide.

  • Dane-Elec – A European manufacturer and distributor of computer memory and storage devices to a global market. Products include flash drives, USB keys, memory cards, MP3 players and external hard drives.

  • Kingston – A multibillion dollar manufacturer and seller of flash memory products founded in 1987. Kingston’s versatile memory components are supported by nearly every peripheral device available on the market. Based in the United States with additional manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe and Asia.

  • LaCie – A global manufacturer of computer hardware. LaCie initially developed products including optical media writers and drives and has since expanded to providing reliable, high-volume digital storage with USB flash drives.

  • Microboards Technology - Since 1989, this company has been a manufacturer of data storage technologies. This private company began in optical media before branching out into USB technology.

  • Micron Technology - A global leader in semiconductor device development, with familiar consumer brands of flash memory including Lexar and Crucial. Both subsidiaries offer high quality USB flash drives, SSDs, memory cards, DRAM performance and more.

  • Mushkin Enhanced - Established in 1994, Mushkin manufactures USB flash drives and digital storage but it is widely known for producing RAM. Product performance is organized by model categories.

  • OCZ Technology - High-speed memory manufacturer of flash media, solid state drives and other computer memory for consumer and professional markets. Established in 2002.

  • Patriot - Manufacturer of USB flash drives and other flash memory. Patriot also offers storage and other media peripherals for further streamlined use of computers and consumer electronics.

  • PNY Technologies - A leading USB flash drive, SSD and memory upgrade manufacturer for consumer purposes. PNY products are sold in more than fifty countries.

  • PQI – Global giant in flash memory manufacturing. Product lines include memory cards, flash drives, media players and DRAM modules. Manufactured in Taiwan and China.

  • SanDisk – A multibillion dollar American manufacturer and distributor of USB flash drives and every flash card format used in the consumer market. From development to implementation, SanDisk is often considered a top industry leader.

  • SuperTalent – A major manufacturer of NAND Flash memory products including USB flash drives, solid-state drives, and computer RAM.

  • Transcend Information - Taiwanese manufacturer of thousands of flash memory devices including USB flash drives, audio players and portable hard drives.


Flash Drive Duplication Equipment Manufacturers

The following companies and corporations manufacture or produce equipment that can copy data to blank USB drives in high volumes.

  • Aleratec - Leading manufacturer and developer of duplication solutions for USB technology, including models of the Aleratec USB Copytower. Aleratec also provides its own versions of optical media duplicators and publishers.

  • Microboards- Manufacturer of CopyWriter Flash Duplicators. Microboards not only creates USB and optical media products, but also distributes supplemental equipment by TASCAM, JVC, Epson and TEAC.

  • Nexcopy- Founded in 2004, Nexcopy focuses on creating and supplying standalone and PC-reliant USB duplicators that are distributed through authorized resellers.

  • TEAC – A billion dollar corporation and manufacturer providing consumer electronics, recording technology and data storage. Expandable USB flash drive duplicators are among its more recent developments.

  • US Digital Media – Worldwide provider and manufacturer of Accutower Flash USB Duplicators, USB flash drives, and mobile accessories. US Digital Media also manufactures and resells optical media equipment.

  • Vinpower Digital - Manufacturer of digital storage and duplication equipment for optical media and flash memory. Vinpower’s USB duplicator line includes models of the USBShark and SDShark.